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im sorry man

i can mak out some of the guitar work, but not alot of it. that which i can mak out, sounds very good, however you have that muddy sound to alo of your stuff.im mostly able to get oveer it, but this time it was a bit to much to handle. but i love the riff in the opening.

once again

hmm...the muddy-ness, seems to be a common trait no?what do you record through?but non the less, still a good solo. alot of puul-offs/hammer-ons, just my style \m/


it sounds good, only ne thing realy, it sounds a bit muddy, i know you were drunk and all, but try turning your high's up just a tad, and low-mids, down a bit.

pretty good

i liked it alot, the only reason that i gave a 5 in diversity, is because of the constant drum beat and the constant synth, bu they sounded good non the less. either way bro, good luck in the MAC6, and ill be compeating with ya on my next track ;)

Syntrus responds:

I pulled this out of mac 6 because jonny utah didn't like this i guess they ignored that so i'm still in meh.


i love it, it sounds like its from an erly final fantasy game, good luck in the contest

WinTang responds:

Hehe... I knew playing FF3 again the past few days would influence me somehow...
Thanks and good luck too, if you're participating.

good job

i like it man, good job, and good luck on the contest

Cerrax responds:

Thanks. You too.


well, even though im not one for this type of music usually, i liked it alot. it sounded alot like a song from ff7, which is always a good thing.


i like your style, perhaps you would like to collaberate on something some time.im lifless and thus have much time for this.

Scribbler responds:

Ah, I am always on the lookout for collaborations. Yes, I would love to work on something in the future. Just contact me whenever you are ready! Thanks for the review by the way; always appreciated.


i liked this one, i mmean, you messed up a few times, but it was all woh earing that string break.....but that sounded like the low e....how did you manage to break that?

Scribbler responds:

You should see me playing acoustic, I easily break strings on the acoustic for some reason. It was a combination of all the sweaty palms and fat fingers that have touched the strings over the years. It finally broke that day. Sad to say that that guitar is with us no more. Its neck was split in half at a party one night when an "intoxicated" friend decided to sit where the guitar was... Meh, ah well!

Thanks for the review.

sounds like....

this sounds like something they would have at guitarmagedon for you o play along to.its not to bad, but its very repeditive

Scribbler responds:

Yes, it is very repetitive. Basically something I can listen to when I want to get some ideas. Not too great but passable. Thanks for the review man!

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