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sorry man

but this was not heavy metal like you put it in, but thats not why you have low scores.

orrigonality so low, because this song has been covered countless times

diversity, because it isnt a very diverse song. ever.

effort, because you did the whole thing in fruity loops, instead of using a real instrument.

to hide the FL sound in the future, i recomend doing the slayer part in acoustic mode, then adding distortion with virtual stomp boxes. you can make it sound like a real guitar then.

you have no idea

how much i fucking love the blue bomber. and this version, was amazing. ill do some more reviews tomorrow or in a few days, when im not freezing my balls off.

Chronamut responds:

hahaha awww.. thabks man - glad you liked it I wanted to NOT use guiters like everyone else seems to for this song ^^


lovin it

lovin this one man, except the wind noise in the beginign, but otherwise great job.

Chronamut responds:

bah I like it :P - also i think it was ocean,.. ah well.

thanks for the review!



i knew i heard his somewere but couldnt place from were thanks man, oh, and good job.

Chronamut responds:

heheh enot a problem man - and thanks!


love it

surprisingly, i hate the game, but i love the music, wierd huh? the bass is a bit overpowering in places though

Chronamut responds:

ya.. a quick fix today wouold solve that problem - but back then - i had no mastering techniques :P

and how could u hate the game? It was like, one of my favourites..

thanks for the review!


what did i tell you?

i told you to stop submiting the same song 500 times >< it was better when you only did it once, and twice, but 3rd time is too many (im one to talk)

Chronamut responds:

hahaha i know eh :P -aah those were th days..

thanks for the review!



not fealing this one as much, but thats probly just cause i love the sound of a real sounding piano so much more. but good non the less

Chronamut responds:

ah well - you'll prolly hate the next one XD

thanks for the review!



an overall easy song, thats why i gave a low effort.
not very changable, so low diversity, but good none the less.

Chronamut responds:

ya there really wasnt much I could do with this song - but I still liked making it ^^

thanks for the review!


ok here goes...

alright, the arangment and general idea wasnt bad
the use of FLSlayer, that was very bad. slayer should never be used, and should be removed from all versions of FL. it is a horrible sound, that is extreamly anoying. i see what youre trying to do here, and im not downtalking that, but i recomend that you get a real guitar or a real sounding guitar effect. there are alot of them.

Tetfima responds:

Well, although FL Slayer doesn't compare to the Power of the Eletric Guitar, I do not think it is "Bad", It works really nicely, and the guitar sounds are easy to edit. Just, you should try editing the slayer EQ for more cool guitar simulations. But I thank you for commenting on my Video!

great job

im more of a trance man myself, but i liked this alot man. i was a lil offed at first, i thought the whole lowpass thing was going to continue iike that all the way through, so i cranked my speakers to here better, but then it happend....youre quick swell, to quick to tuen my speakers down. i love it man. fuckin love it.

Envy responds:

Yeah hahaha, I really wanted to have a sort of chill beginning and just explode at one point... And guess what? I did just that ^.^

I hope I blew your speakers out! ARRRRR

Its always a pleasure.

Thanks for the review!

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