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not bad

i like this, not very diverse, and no offence, but not a difficult piece, but still a nice one.

Chronamut responds:

lol ya you're right - oh well :P

thanks for the review!



this could be alot better, but it could be alot worse as well. for what it is i supose its a good job, but theres realy no differentation in any of it here.

Chronamut responds:

i mad a better version of it in my second last submission about 3 months ago - go check it out!

thanks for the review!



i love this tune man, its very soft and beutiful, while not being to slow to put me to sleep, yet i could so put this on my sleep playlist if there was some strong bass somewere here.

Chronamut responds:

yaa the bass kinda.. disappeared.. its there .. just.. not very loud and all..

i still love this song tho :P

thanks for the review!



this is a very good theme you got here, i like the soft melodic sound of it, with the slight low cut undertone that exhibits itself. it sounds like a song from that game adobon though lol.

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, the slight echo in the bass was exactly what I wanted, the other samples I just stumbled upon with quite a bit of luck.

Cheers for the review.

simply amazing

i love this man, completley, as a fan of black metal, and as a fan of metal in general. the only quaral i have, is with the effects added in to the vox, sounds like could be a bit of flange perhaps? other then that, its ery good.

Rucklo responds:

The effect-vocal that comes in has a shitload of crap on it that i can't remember what it all is... probably a flanger on it, ring mod... i dunno :)

Glad you liked it though, it'd be fun to make another metalsong some day... :)

excellent my apprentice

very good job dalton, im proud of you. youve gotten alot better with youre recording, youre guitar working as just as good as its always been, only now people actually know this. when you finish youre album, be sure to send it to me on aim though, cause im not paying for it.

Bonemill responds:

thank you man. I used my amp instead of pedal :P.


this was a very good piece of work. i loved the soft and sweet guitar, although yes, it was very repeditive, but instrumentals generaly are. i liked the entire thing. id be willing to do some vox for ya if you want...and yes, i can do more then just death growl.

pitbulljones responds:

Cheers Darkkloud, im guessing you mean the pick guitar tyhat the tune opens with? Tis a nice pick simple as hell too. It is very repetitive this track, i wholeheartedly agree, it really needsa vocal on it. If you want to do vocals by all means have a crack, i don't actually have lyrics for it so write whatever, I'll send you a higher Q file or if you use cubase that i'll send the project over, just need to have the same vsts and stuff. anyways pm me let me know.

cheers again


not so much with this one

at first, it is so slow and anoying, but then it turns into the stereotypical DB loop for drums, wich also anoys me, but ill give you credit were due, that you did do a good job with making something kinnda catchy with the second part bro.

pitbulljones responds:

thanlks for the review, you really don't like this one then no? shame XD

80 bpm mate, not 160. thats the glitch plugin doing its work. yea, this is just an intro/small part of a track, i don't know whether to expand or not. maybe if i had a fuller track you may have a different opinion idk. can't please em all.
cheers again


excellent job

first for the pros: its very catchy, and the calming melodisism is very attractive to my ears.ill defenitley be adding this to my "sleep mix" playlist.

cons: non realy, there is nothing here that bothers me so 5 for you.

and for guy below me, the title means: close your eyes, somethign nice is about to happen

pitbulljones responds:

Thanks for the review darkkloud. You like the tune i see. It does have a few catchy elements, them 'hooks' which a track always needs. i always like it when people add tunes to personal collections makes me have a sex wee,

Thanls very much for the kind words


sorry man

but this was not heavy metal like you put it in, but thats not why you have low scores.

orrigonality so low, because this song has been covered countless times

diversity, because it isnt a very diverse song. ever.

effort, because you did the whole thing in fruity loops, instead of using a real instrument.

to hide the FL sound in the future, i recomend doing the slayer part in acoustic mode, then adding distortion with virtual stomp boxes. you can make it sound like a real guitar then.

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