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you are getting better ill give you that, but the mp3 player recordings need to stop lol

Bonemill responds:

yeah well i wasnt at home when i done this. So i had no real "Equipment" persay

great job

wow, you have gotten alot better my friend, did you program allk of this yourself?if so, im proud of you.

blackmantis1 responds:

Yeah, instead of using beatcraft or some shit. I used my keyboard and set the tone to percussion. I just hit some keys till i found the bass pedal then the snare and cymbal and i did organ and piano XD. Thanks man.


a tad bit better than what else youve submitted before.but this seems as it was going to be the same off tempo drum beat the entire time, but then switched off, into the same beat, but going well with the stabs, pads, and synths. must say, youre starting to iumprove. keep it up, maybe one day youll be up there like everyones good buddy chron.

Gregathol responds:

Thanks man, I appreciate.

good job

that was very good, and i dont hink you stole this.....even thought it does sound a bit to good to be you, without your buddy darks help ;)

blackmantis1 responds:

Hey, you dont help with the guitars XD. Kick ass man sooo i sent you the tab XD DRUMS OR NOT?????/ Thanks man.

not realy sure.....

but what song is this suposed to be?im most of the song it sounds very much off tempo, but th guitar sounds good at least. unfortunatley, the drums are very...static, much like alot of my submissions lol.

Lakas responds:

it's just supposed to be inspired by them, not a cover...thanks for the review!

great job

especialy since you used my druyms again. but good anyways bro. im looking forward to more.

blackmantis1 responds:

Hahahaha i would use mine if i had some hahahah by far one of the greatest beats ive heard man thanks. Im planning on making more this style.

fuck yes!

thank god, i have never sen a remix of any ps music here on ng. i love ps, and this is a great version. i would love to do something as good as this for a game remake song thinggy

Realmguys responds:

Hehe, hope you make a thingy :) Yeah I love this game too! Thanks for the review, keep it real.

who would have though?

that you would once again, do the same damn thing. no diversity in this...just like al of your stuff. it is so predictible whaty you are going to do. i hate to sound like a dick, but you realy need to work on it alot.

Gregathol responds:

Thank you for the review.

this is horrible

all of your songs sound the same. they all have the 8 bit sound to them, they all are sooo slow, they just plain suck. try a different sound, try different drums, do something.

Gregathol responds:

Thank you for the insight?


obviosly this dosent represent a coke bindge, when that happenes, you have speed, and orrigonality. this is niether of those. way to repedativ, however if you are going for that 8 bit nintendo game sound, you got it.

Gregathol responds:

I guess you dont know what 8-bit sounds like. Thank you for the review.

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