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meh. it just sounds like fading from left to right and back again. dosent give any illusion of space, but then im not really sure how well an mp3(i assume thats the codec you choose) can do the whole positional audio thing. pretty sure its limited to just 2 channels. look into positional audio encoding instead, it will benefit much.

Chronamut responds:

sorry dude but it IS true binaural panning.

thanks for the review!



very nice little man. try turning down that 200-300hz range a bit like i just told you 10 seconds ago next time :P

I hate you.

This is the type of music i hear in my head constantly. the entirety of this Ultima Eternus album/song/whatever. I hate you because i hear things like this, but dont have the ability to play them. Amazing job, everything is beutiful, and perfect. but fuck you -_-

Lashmush responds:

I haet u 2 lol :3


great job, making one of the few tracks i can listen to all the way through, most on here these days bore me far to much to allow me to do so, but this track was complete epic. god i wish i could do sweeping like that.

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so how drunk were you when you did this one glen? overall it sounds pretty damn good for a "shit one", a bit to short though, and i must agree with neophyte-ronin that you need to be screaming random shit underneath it all.

GoreBastard responds:

I was probably under the influence of alcohol a little bit. I have cut down though over the last couple of years... a little... haha
I'll get to work on more vocals stuff soonz!
Cheers man!

as always

as always, a pleasure to hear your music. loved every part of this of course, but saddened by the fact that your voice is so low in comparison to the rest of the piece, you have amazing vocal range, and a great voice in everything ive heard from you.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks very much, dude. Only thing I can figure, is if your eq setting while you listen to this is on "rock", with the mids dropped right out, that will dampen the vocals quite a bit. I mix with my eq off, usually I check on all my mediums. Sounds alright in my headphones, stereo and car. I'll have to muck around with getting them the right level on as many settings as I can. Thanks for the input dude, great to hear from you.


was this made as an attempt to mock the ever growing number of Pokemon?cause it seems that way, but for a song, i must say its annoying as hell.

sonicmega responds:

Well, I do suppose it could be seen as a testament to the fact that no one even remembers the new Pokemon anymore, but otherwise it's a completely serious submission. Just remember you aren't required to listen to it just because it's featured.

Great Job

The song is amazing, every part. i can not find a single thing to down talk this, your musicianship is amazing, bmi's vocals are fucking great as always, and it all fits perfectly, i hope to here more like this from you, shit is going in the fav's list
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XxCowMeatxX responds:

wow bro! fuckin thank you! awesome review! and dont worry i got another idea that i am working on currently and hopefully will be amazing when its done. im going to use 5 differnt musicians from the portal. cant tell you who yet though.

stay brutal bro \m/


i think i just creamed my pants honestly...if i was wearing any lol.

that opening part alone made my penis shudder in delight, i think im going to sex you up....*RAPE*

not bad

the guitar and drums, are a bit to low, making the vocals stand out a little bit more, but you still did a good job on the g-tars

the vocals arent bad at all, but a little bit strange....actually being able understand them that is lol .im a big fan of bodom, but i never had any idea what alexi said in this song, so thanks there.
i might make a recomendation though, which is to lower the vocals somewhat, to make them even, or almost even, with the music itself.

KitsuMech responds:

Yes, what Alexi is saying is always curious... After hearing their Stockholm CD I realized I got some of the words wrong... Not bad though.

It was my first try at this type of vocals, which I was panicked about throwing my voice out. I didn't though, so I must be doing something right.

Lower the vocals? Will try next piece I do. Thank you for the critiquing review!


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