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this looks like it was drawn by a 12 year old. 0/1000

i personally vote 0 on EVERY "speed paint" video. cause its not worth uploading in the first place.

Driverotica responds:

It's up to you anyway. But some people do like watching how something came to be.

good to see this series is still going after all these years.

and in all that time it still hasnt become funny to anyone but 12 year olds. that takes talent.

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0/10 5 minutes in and i have yet to see a game just walking.

complete trash. not even a game, you just walk ultra slow to avoid the crap all over the place to go get the girl cause for some reason you cant use the gate. o/5 worthless.

i went and downloaded the EXE thinking it would actually work, lo and behold because i have a controller plugged in it ignores all my keyboard functions except the enter ket, ctrl, and moving. the gamepad can ONLY control the use of items, i cant move with it. unplugging it and the game is just as buggy and unplayable as this version full of bugs that freeze up the game constantly, an absolutely tiny resolution that makes reading painful, and its clear you have NEVER actually tested anything in the game. dont upload something without bothering to test it yourself to make sure basic functionality in the starting screen (are there even other screens?) is there. this is unplayable as is. test your game before bothering the world with it.

ManyWoundZ responds:

Sorry to hear that was your experience. This is my first attempt at developing a video game, and I am learning to code from nothing. I apologize it wasn't to your standards, and I'm sure you develop quite a few your in time it seems. It's a "PROTOTYPE " for a reason.

I didn't implement a controller feature, never stated that either so I'm not sure why would you even expect that on something that isn't even Alpha build. There isn't another screen?? Not sure why when there isn't even an actual game yet.

If you press F1 like it says in the main menu. I'm pretty sure you can see everything that you cant cause of the tiny resolution.

And yes I tested it quite a lot and put a lot of time to just get where I am. Thank you for your review.

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meh. it just sounds like fading from left to right and back again. dosent give any illusion of space, but then im not really sure how well an mp3(i assume thats the codec you choose) can do the whole positional audio thing. pretty sure its limited to just 2 channels. look into positional audio encoding instead, it will benefit much.

Chronamut responds:

sorry dude but it IS true binaural panning.

thanks for the review!



very nice little man. try turning down that 200-300hz range a bit like i just told you 10 seconds ago next time :P

I hate you.

This is the type of music i hear in my head constantly. the entirety of this Ultima Eternus album/song/whatever. I hate you because i hear things like this, but dont have the ability to play them. Amazing job, everything is beutiful, and perfect. but fuck you -_-

Lashmush responds:

I haet u 2 lol :3

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very nice

wow, looking through the art section on here for the first time, and i must say that compared to the half assed crap that most of these people submit, this is amazing. even if not compared to that, its very good. is this hand drawn, or CG?

Zero-drk responds:

naaa it sucks ass dude but i liked the atmosfere it gives even if it looks shitty
anyways dont be so hard on people they will improve whit time so as im doing right now

and it is CG photoshit cs something and wacom tablet

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